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The PowerCCTV Distinction

PowerCCTV is a CCTV Surveillance solution company; we specialize in high end high resolution CCTV Surveillance software with internet monitoring system.

PowerCCTV is a comprehensive developer and CCTV Surveillance solution company based in New York. We specialize in high end, high resolution CCTV surveillance software with internet monitoring system from HD-CCTV, IP and mobile video solution. We are an innovative company providing complete top of the line security solutions.

Our mission is to offer our customers value for money high quality surveillance systems backed by a reliable video management software for any industry such as security, construction companies, shopping malls, supermarkets, gasoline stations security, shops’ cash loss preventions, convenience shops, hotel and public establishments security and many more. Our professional specialists and development team have a vast experience with such industries allowing us to produce quick turnaround security solutions unique to their security requirements.

We aim at improving our customers’ business profitability and growth by providing them a peace of mind with their security issues out of the way. With tried and tested hardware and intuitive software systems supported by our business acuity, we offer simplified security and management of videos that fits your security requirements.

1.     Revolutionary, Simplified, Flexible Software:

PowerCCTV provides its customers several ways to manage and access their videos onsite, your home, in your office and in remote locations real time and to fit various security requirements.

  • PowerCCTV NVR 10- Window based software for IP cameras video management. Record and monitor high definition videos with up to sixty four channels at the same time.
  • PowerCCTV Viewer 11 – Remote Access Windows based software that allows authorized users to access and control all their camera systems even outside their network.
  • PowerCCTV IP Live Mobile Application- Install PowerCCTV’s free mobile application on your iPhones, iPads and Android devices. By simply logging in users can instantly view and manage their videos from their security cameras.
  • PowerCCTV SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) – A tool that monitors the health of all the user’s PowerCCTV devices such as IP cameras and NVRs. Users will be able to see whether the devices are working and online with logged events each time.
  • PowerCCTV IVAST – PowerCCTV’s proactive alarm monitoring software that can detect motion and can alert the staff or security monitoring the cameras immediately before the unscrupulous act is committed. Users would be able to catch the intruders or thieves before they can do anything.

2.     CCTV Features Built with Excellence

PowerCCTV offers prominent and most dependable digital broad dynamic range of -quality of IP cameras.

PowerCCTV cameras provide an array of functions as security products suitable for various kinds of environments, from powerful outdoor cameras to resist the damage by weather elements.

Some of our cameras’ top of the line features consist of high resolution cameras, infrared, wide dynamic range and POE. PowerCCTV cameras are also equipped with advanced video systematic aspects such as alarm, motion and alarm detection.


  • Superior Video Compression:
  • Video compression of H.264 reduces video transmission and storage
  • Excellent Unit Protection :
    • Built in surge protection to prevent damage to the CCTV
  • Pre-emptive :
    • Motion detection that can send out alerts by push notifications via the mobile app, SMS and email
    • Motion detection areas are configurable for up to 3 areas per camera
  • Monitor anytime, anywhere
  • Monitor via an application on Mobile, Desktop application and Desktop browsers.
  • Video recording on your own computer (free) web-based recording and software-based recording (viewer 11) or cloud server recording (monthly fee).
  • Hassle Free Installation and Operation
    • No fixed IP, no port forwarding required
    • User account management for camera grouping and user access control
    • Configurable video resolution to accommodate internet speed and data storage
    • Eight (8) concurrent video streaming for multiple user access
  • Noteworthy Safety features:
    • Two (2) Way audio for remote communication to any person at the site (worker or intruder)
    • Night mode with brilliant IR that can see images up to 35 meters
    • DIDO external device connection for siren and sensor (heat, motion or pressure)
  • Flexible Recording
  • Up to 128 GB SD card on CCTV providing recording on camera
  • Cloud recording (monthly fee apply, call for more info)
  • Proactive Approach

3.     Solid Project Experience

We can customize our solutions and products with your project requirements. A project may involve several stages from design, installation and support. PowerCCTV offers a turnkey solution complete with the right hardware and software features to provide you with the best solution.

4.     Reliable Customer Support and 24/7 and RMA from USA

PowerCCTV provides customer and technical support 24/7 via our online live chat support link and our hotline at 212-997-2000, Monday thru Friday from 8am -5pm EST. You can rely for timely assistance from any of our PowerCCTV staff. You can also email us at powercctv@dsii.net


RMA from USA

We offer worry free system ownership and provide you with 2 years hardware warranty. Within 2 years, if the camera is found defective you can easily send it back to us and we will try to repair it. If it has been found that it cannot be repaired, we will replace your camera with a new one.

Live Chat Support 24/7 :

or call PowerCCTV team at 1-212-997-2000 or email: contact@powercctvs.com