Boat Security Systems

Boat Security Systems

Marine Security and Safety Measures

Over the years there has been a trend of rising criminal activities in cities all over the world. Marinas and recreational boating is no exception, reports of theft ranging from expensive hardware and boats are rising. Even more are reports of unlawful acts and vandalism in these industries, with the rise of terrorist activities around the world; we should also put it on consideration on our quest to have a safer Marinas for everyone by using Boat Security Systems. Like we do in our home or business, unlawful incident prevention can be achieved by minimizing potential risks. If we remove every inch of opportunity for potential perpetrators to feel safe in committing such malicious acts then we have already prevented an unlawful act already.


Basic Ways to Secure Marina

Marina Security

Security Personnel: Most harbor employ professional security guards who enforce and secure the premises. These individuals are trained to handle emergency situations. For smaller harbors they usually rely on their staff on duty during the daytime and security guards for night shifts.

Sufficient and Proper Lighting: It’s easier for would be perpetrators to commit unlawful acts in the shadows. With decent lighting on exterior locations it is a deterrent to unlawful acts and vandalism. Lighting system can also be equipped with infrared or motion sensors and it would be a great fit along with boat security systems.

Controlling People’s Access: Accessing boats should be limited only to the boat owners and their authorized individuals. The land side should have a barrier to foot and vehicles. Signs pertaining marina regulations should be posted visibly. Visitors and general public should be escorted once inside the premises. Part of the boat security systems protocol should educate boaters on their own safety and responsibilities. Any unusual activities or violation of marinas rules and regulation must be reported immediately.

Systems for Alarm: A good deterrent since it will alert neighbors and security personnel. Make sure the system is designed for the marine environment. Systems not designed for marine use will malfunction and trigger false alarms.

Marine CCTV System:

CCTVs: This will go hand in hand with lighting systems surrounding the marina’s premises. CCTVs nowadays are in HD quality videos. It can also be equipped with motion sensor, so that the recording will take place once the sensor detects movement. Some cameras are capable of video recording and capture even in total darkness using infrared technology or night vision.

Why PowerCCTVs Security Cameras

PowerCCTVs Surveillance System provide a wide range of products to get the camera images to where you want them. It is designed to provide HD quality pictures even in remote darkness utilizing the night vision technology. Our security cameras employ different methods of connectivity via Broadband Network or even mobile broadband and long radio. Surveillance is the key to safeguarding your business of interest. Careful planning and common sense will help us protect our interest and properties. George S. Patton once said “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

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