Business Security Systems

Multiply Investment By Putting CCTV On Your Small Business

Establishing your own business is not easy. It dictates you to invest money, time and boundless effort. Any act of theft or fraud on your business would have a great impact on its financial stability in the long run.  Before you realize it you have been a victim of all these and bankruptcy is coming your way.

As a businessman, protecting your investment is vital. Stealing could happen anytime, either by someone who pretends to be a customer, or even your trusted employees. Any unauthorized entry on restricted areas could also place business opportunities at risk by disclosing your trade secrets to other companies or competitors. Hiring a security personnel onsite is not quite enough to protect your employees, customer’s trust and overall – your business.


Benefits of PowerCCTV Security Cameras for Small Businesses

Wireless IP Cameras

It can help you to discourage stealing –Knowing to have a IP Surveillance Cameras or Business Security Systems installed in your business, burglars would be hesitant to attempt committing such crime to your business. You can access remote viewing thru the use of your smart phone and tablet, as long it’s connected thru the internet. If you find something wrong, you can send a verbal warning thru our CCTV 2-way audio feature to stop acts of shoplifting  or assault. Our CCTV systems are also refined with brilliant IR LED technology  that can capture clear images during day and night time up to 35 meters. This could help you to identify thieves and resolve crimes right away. Thus, you are only not protecting your business, but your customers and workers’ safety as well.


Employee Surveillance

It can help you to keep tabs on your workers- Employees productivity helps a lot in growing your business. But bits of deceitfulness when not settled could also hinder its growth. PowerCCTV Business Security Systems can unmask any dishonesty made by your employees. Most of our surveillance cameras have varifocal lens that could adjust the angle of your camera to cover a wide area but still  provide a crisp image.  You can put PowerCCTV to capture digital record in the cash register area, or in the stock room to monitor any inventory that comes in and out. You can also look after employees not performing well and give merit to those who are doing good.  If any misbehavior get caught, you can use your digital recordings as evidence to confront your employees and file legal actions if necessary.


Business Video Surveillance Systems

It protects restricted spot on your business site- Business places sometimes have a room to place confidential information that only authorized persons could access. There are employees who can be tempted to enter the restricted area due to curiosity or by their own course to destroy your business . PowerCCTV has motion detection that sends notification for any detected movements on a certain spot. By then, you can immediately see who wants to take illegal access and you can immediately notify the person to leave the premise


Video Monitoring System

Guards your business on false claims- Customers sometimes act as if they are not satisfied with your service just to have monetary claims. PowerCCTV can record volume of video data by using our cloud-hosted Network Video Recorder so you can playback recording over the last few months Or grab video footage from MicroSDCard that could hold up to 128GB of data. This would surely leave you relaxed and protected for any false liability claims.


PowerCCTV surveillance system could help you in countless ways to keep an eye on your business all day, and all night. We ensure that you could still have power in controlling your business even without your actual presence, thus saving you from needless worries. You can now focus entirely on how to grow your investment without taking too much time in guarding your business. With our technologically advanced surveillance system, we provide incomparable security to your business at a very reasonable cost.  Don’t settle for second best, contact us now at 212-9972000 for free consultation and inquiries.