Church Video Surveillance System

Church Video Surveillance System A Testimonial from PowerCCTVs customer: Community Church of Great Neck

Trustee in charge of church security:  My Church Surveillance System & Its Security is my biggest concern. Our church has been suited by a visitor who sustained an injury after a fall in front of the church. Our security surveillance system allowed us to provide the insurance company evidence to show how the accident happened. When we have church repair and construction, we install an out-door bullet IP camera to monitor the workers’ activities and also set up an alert during non-working hours. It would alert church administrators and myself for anyone trying to access the scaffold. We can set up the automatic announcement to warn the person of unauthorized access to the scaffold so they can immediately get off the scaffold and therefore sending the warning message to the church co-workers as well. Someone reported to the Trustee that his car parked in the church parking lot has been scratched. Fortunately we have CCTV installed monitoring the parking lot; we can pull out the recording and check who has done that damage.


Church Surveillance System


Sunday school teacher: Monday morning, a mother of my Sunday school student called me, telling me that her son was bullied during the Sunday school class. I was not aware of any irregular activity among the children, so I went to the church security officer and retrieved the CCTV Surveillance recording history. I found out that the bullying happened after the class ended. I was able to review the entire incident and identify who caused the trouble. I asked the parents of all involved students to review the recording with me and then asked them to take the disciplinary action to the children bullying. Many thanks to PowerCCTV video surveillance system, with your system, our church is a safer and a more secured place for House of Worship.

DVR Security Camera System

We installed a DVR with analog camera, we configured our DVR motion activation recording on a local DVR server. Now we are adding a new DVR system with our IP cam. We are utilizing the PoE switch so we only need to install the Ethernet cable from PoE switch to the IP Cam. The video gets stored on the PowerCCTV NVR server and optionally we can record the video on the cloud server.

Video Surveillance Software

PowerCCTV monitoring software enables our church co-workers to monitor church activities seamlessly from our computers and smart phones.

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