Construction Site Security System

Construction site security camera

Benefits of PowerCCTVs Wireless Security Cameras for a New Construction Site

Most of the CCTV providers talk about how their camera can record the intruders and their activities including theft, trespass and vandalism. However, no provider offers the best preventive method to completely stop the damage from happening.


Construction Site Surveillance System
PowerCCTV’s Surveillance Solutions does not only record the new construction site activities, we also have a preventive method to talk to the intruder, alert the owner & management agents on the activities happening and allow the owner agent to talk to the intruder and warn the intruder to get off the property.

Based on decades of CCTV experience and new construction sites owners’ feedback, these are the main concerns for the new construction sites:

  1. Graffiti on the front of the new building, exterior and interior walls.
  2. Drug addicts hiding in the building.
  3. Homeless people inhabiting illegally.
  4. Theft of building property and construction equipment or materials.
  5. Politically motivated attacks that sets back building construction
  6. Sabotage by union protesters which leads to property damage
  7. Construction workers not following safety guidelines
  8. Forced entry on restricted areas of the construction site
  9. Theft of expensive equipment and working tools in the construction site
  10. Work related accidents which later would require litigation or compensation claims from insurance
  11. Children thinking of the site as a playground to play around in
  12. Arson or trespassers starting a fire intentionally or accidentally
  13. Expensive cost to employ guards or a security team
  14. Unauthorized use of construction vehicles
  15. Trespassers or unauthorized person in the construction area
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Best Security Camera System

PowerCCTV Surveillance Cameras can:

  • Provide preventive analysis- PowerCCTV IP Surveillance Camera System can provide a system that lets one of our staff to observe live motions or movements 24 x 7 as monitored via our systems and report to the building owner.
  • Provide a 24/7 active CCTV alert system that lets one of your security staff to talk to the intruders and inform them that the police have been contacted
  • Weatherproof cameras built to last even under any extreme weather condition and even when intentional damage is being made such as an intruder breaking it with a hammer.
  • Different video storage platform – Video storage can be done locally using the cam_setup, an SD Card of up to 128 GB (using an sdxc high speed) and NVR with an installed hard disk drive.
  • Give a post analysis review – involves the viewing of images or footage captured that happened while the site was unsupervised.

Features of the PowerCCTV Cameras:

  • Brilliant IR feature with the farthest distance of up to 35 meters with clarity which can see people and object during night time or dark areas preventing vandalism or graffiti.
  • State of the art chip-set technology called Grain Media chip-set GM8138S that has an 264 high profile compression, meaning another 20% bandwidth efficiency.
  • Built in Speakers and Mic which can be used to communicate to the workers to report an emergency or warn someone who is intruding or stealing on your property
  • IP66 certified (waterproof) which can withstand any weather conditions.
  • Data In/Out Feature which incorporates siren triggers, strobe lights signaling and even a phone dialer to call for an emergency situation perfect with motion sensors
  • Video quality enhancement called Digital Wide Dynamic Range which lightens dark spots and conceals bright areas to bring a full image into balance. This can be used on direct sunlight areas which make object hard to see and focus
  • 2kv surge protection casing which can withstand lightning for weather exposed ip cams

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IP Surveillance Camera Systems

PowerCCTV recommended surveillance cameras:

PC-B21-312-IWDR –Wired bullet IP camera can be used for outdoor monitoring in warehouses and working areas.

PC-B21-312-WDR –WiFi bullet IP camera for outdoor monitoring for places that has wifi connection which can be used where cabling is an issue.

PC-B21-312-4WDR –3G/4G bullet IP camera for outdoor monitoring for no internet connection ahead but has mobile signal

PC-VD21-312R –Vandal proof dome camera for indoor monitoring with Brilliant IR of up to 20 meters

Surveillance is the key to safeguarding your construction site,contact us to obtain a free CCTV installation consultation and free cost estimate on our hotline at 1-212-997-2000 or email us at We would love to talk to you and learn your security requirements. We provide 24X7 online chat customer service and technical support.