PowerCCTV IP Live Mobile App

iPowerCCTV IP Live- APP

iPowerCCTV IP Live is a free mobile application for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. It is a completely cloud based application or viewer wherein customers can seamlessly see and manage their videos coming from their IP cameras by logging in their username and password details to access them.

This application lets users do a playback from the network attached storage, SD card and the server recording. The iPowerCCTV also lets users manage the cameras with efficiency by grouping all your IP cameras under one account protected by passwords.

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1. Supports live view of all your IP cameras up to 4 channels
2. Supports audio. You can talk back (speak and listen).
3. Supports cameras with local network search and direct address connection
4. Supports PTZ control
5. Supports snapshots and saves
6. Supports view scales and devices rotation
7. Supports live views and displays up to 4 cameras
8. Supports remotely played back video recordings
9. Supports displaying multiple cameras just by clicking multi-display button
10. Provides push notifications in devices or by email to notify users for motion or fire alarms or other sensors.


  • Up, Down, Left, Right, Upper-left, Bottom-left, Upper-right, Bottom right
  • Focus: Focus/ Focus Far
  • Iris: Wide Iris/ Narrow Iris
  • Zoom in/ zoom out
IP Live Mobile Application