Parking Lots Security


Benefits of CCTVs in Parking Lots

  • Surveillance camera systems installed in parking lots may not stop a crime or accident from happening but it can deter a lot of people with the intention of carrying out a crime, other unlawful activities and provide valuable information to untoward incidents such as: Car theft
  • Customers losing valuable possessions placed inside the car while parking
  • Accidents: another car inadvertently scratching another car due to miss-parking.
  • Car vandalism: intentionally scratching the car
  • Unpaid parking tickets: Customers who have not paid their tickets and yet are about to leave.
  • Customers getting mugged for their money or shopped items.
  • Customers getting their car dented


Parking companies have tried to prevent such incidents from occurring in their parking garage by hiring manned guards. But this kind of security camera solutions will not guarantee anything, plus the fact that it’s not cost efficient and management liability is at risk as well. Installing IP Cameras System will also reduce liability for your parking business. It is one of the easiest ways to reduce costs incurred in legal claims and lawsuits for instances such as car crash and accidents.

Surveillance Solutions

We at  PowerCCTV can provide you the best high resolution security camera for handling these types of problems. We have state of the art CCTV’s camera’s that is built for Parking Garage business owners . That features:

HD Sensor-It can detect movements and motions and have a brilliant infrared lighting that can still transmit clear Images even when the lighting on the area is poor.


Wider Area Viewing- Power CCTVs come with a state of the Art Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) that can cover wide areas and design to provide clear Images even on the spots where Illumination varies a lot.


Alternative power option and alarm relay in and out- Since Power CCTVs has a PoE switch you can select the power supply for the unit either a 12V power supply or a Network Cable that will ensure the continuity of operation of the CCTV. You can also connect a relay alarm where you can connect additional sensors.


Video Monitoring System

Mobile Monitoring- Our CCTV Cameras are designed for owners who want to view their business premises at home or anywhere away from the office through the Internet since it is compatible for NVR cloud storage and accessibility.


Weather and Vandal proof- Our Bullet camera casings are grade IP66 that can be installed strategically outdoors.


NVR Security System

Recorded Data Storage options-Since PowerCCTVs are compatible with NVR you don’t have to set-up a DVR , reducing the cost of cable installation. IP66 casing can protect the Micro SD card where it also serves as a recording storage built in on the Camera.


2-way Communication Mic-This is one of the best feature that PowerCCTV has. This can actually prevent any crime going on in the area from progressing since the guard assigned on the CCTV station can apprehend anyone by giving them a warning.


Zoom In Focus-It can Identify unidentified offender trough our 30 fps snapshot capture technology and brilliant IR up to 100 ft.


Unlawful incidents can be minimized with the implementation of security and safety measures such as surveillance cameras on these places. Although accidents cannot be prevented, but by informing the public that your parking lot is equipped with a state of the art PowerCCTV camera,can help parking garage owners make their business safer and more secure. With the type of network communication used  the garage owners can put their mind at ease. Knowing that in case such type of incidents happen in their business place they will always have the source of evidence and information to access for review and investigate and unlawful acts happening in real time can be prevented as well. Make your Parking Garage a safer place. Will help you how…


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