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Windows Base NVR-10 Monitoring System Software Software:


NVR-10 is a Window based, central station video management software for your IP Camera. This software can record and view HD video of up to 64 channels simultaneously.


The NVR PC can be your dedicated storage server to support up to 100 remote access using Viewer-11, manageable by a ladder of user grants and permission to access the IP camera functions.

NVR10 Monitoring Software  also provides intelligent playback to help its users to locate event video more efficiently. It also has AVI conversion and snapshot functions that help the users to back up the event video.

Why Choose NVR-10 Monitoring Video Monitoring System Software

  • Monitor maximum of 64 IP cameras directly from your desktop.
  • Organize motion detection, alarm control and push notification settings.
  • Remote video monitoring and playback
  • Group camera listing for easy viewing management.
  • Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras (depends on camera model)
  • Manage authorized users to view and control the IP camera functions.
  • Save and print multiple snapshot images
  • User friendly interface.
  • Easy to setup and configure

Initial Setup Process :

  1. Open NVR-10
  2. Click on GROUP
  3. Create a new GROUP NAME
  4. Click ADD
  5. Left-click on the new group name and choose the ADD LOCAL CAM tab
  6. Click START SEARCH. Any cameras that have been detected on the network will appear in a list.


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