Refineries Surveillance Systems

Why Refineries need PowerCCTVs Surveillance Systems

Safety of workers and protection of equipment and assets are important in refineries such as well sites for oil and gas and bottling depots. By installing IP CCTVs, the managers and security personnel can eliminate challenges such as travel costs, inefficient use of time and exposure to hazardous environment in monitoring a remote location such as well site for oil and gas.

Wireless Security Systems

The refinery site managers or personnel don’t have to bear any additional costs by using Power CCTV’s 3G/4G and Wi-Fi Camera’s on the site and will also limit hiring man guards that will add to expenses and management responsibilities, Since these cameras have a minimal cabling set-up (mainly for Power use only), areas that have limited access can be safely monitored on a real time basis trough the NVR cloud system.

Key Features:

Video Monitoring System

Mobility Access:Since Power CCTV Bullet Cameras have 3G/4G and Wi-Fi Capabilities, videos can be viewed with any Device that has an Internet browser with the cloud NVR system. The site owner is not limited in viewing or monitoring the site from the office.


Weatherproof Casing:Since Power CCTV Bullet Camera’s Casing are rated IP66, it is Dust tight and can withstand powerful jets of water and heavy seas, that will protect recording storage devices that is saved over traditional systems.


Wider Area Viewing:Power CCTVs come with a state of the Art Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) that can cover wide areas and design to provide Clear Images even on the spots where Illumination varies a lot.


NVR Security System:

Network Video Recording (Cloud NVR): Minimize the installation cost by limiting network cable Installation, since it can be viewed through the internet, you can utilize the cloud NVR to store the video data that you can use for future needs.


2-way Communication: This can be utilized to prevent incidents that may cause damage and harm and provide instructions through a 2 way Mic Communication for personnel’s assigned in a particular area.


Brilliant IR: PowerCCTVs have brilliant Infrared lighting. The cameras still transmit clear images even in poor lighting conditions. There are so many uses that a CCTV has, generally it’s being utilized to secure the safety of equipment and personnel, and other outside threats like unauthorized entry by people who are not employed by the company, inside threats like inadvertent accidents and theft. Prevent lawsuits by eliminating work accident claims that are not legally valid. It creates a safer working environment to increase manpower productivity and efficiency.


Security Camera Solutions:

We value the Security and Safety to keep your business operational but at some point it becomes a liability if certain procedures are not monitored accordingly. Solutions are always available, but why look for one? We always say prevention is better than cure. Here in Power CCTV we provide an all in one CCTV camera solution that will give you means to monitor 24/7 and stop or prevent untoward incidents from occurring and maintain the security and safety of your refinery and give you a peace of mind.


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