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Shopping mall CCTV

Shopping Mall whether a closed or open structure is a series of complex or a collection of shops. Most  includes a vast parking area as well as large shopping spaces.  With a lot of people coming in and out of the mall, it is essential to hire professional security personnel to secure the establishment.  To make the area safer Shopping Mall CCTV or Surveillance System is also required.  Most Shopping Mall security departments adopt or develop standard operating procedures towards incident prevention. A close coordination with local police department will be necessary, especially in emergency situations.


Ways to make shopping malls safer


Obtain services from a professional security company:

These companies offer armed or unarmed security guards. These armed security personnel are fully trained to handle guns. Having an intensive training in handling emergency situations, professional security guard companies often require their employees to wear uniforms, these will be helpful in case shoppers require their assistance.


Shopping Mall CCTV

Roving security guards:

Some malls have their guards patrol the exterior premises such as parking lots. Others use bicycles for accessibility and visibility. Thieves often find their desired target in parking lots due to its vast space and easy escape access.  With the help of CCTV surveillance system, security personnel and the law enforcement agency can easily review and possibly identify the perpetrator for prosecution.


Shoplifting training:

Shoplifting is common to all shopping malls and it’s a problem. Shoplifting Awareness Training sponsored by the mall owners and provided to its tenants and employees, will be a big help to deal with this kind of situation. Working closely with local law enforcement agencies will greatly improve the methods and strategies to reduce the number of shoplifting incidents from happening.


Fire Safety Drills:

Fire safety drills should be performed on a regular basis. Security officers, tenants and employees should be aware of how to react if a real emergency is happening. Emergency exit diagrams all over the building showing the safest and proper routes to the exits should be visible to employees and the shoppers.


Emergency Phones:

Shopping malls may provide this device and should be visible for shoppers and employees.


Emergency Preparedness:

Close coordination with the local law enforcement agency or private consultants, Malls can update or plan contingency measures to deal with threats, i.e. bomb threats or any acts of terrorism and weather emergency.  Malls due to the number of people going in and out at multiple locations at the same time are always at risk.


Use of CCTVs:

Well placed security camera systems across the establishment will beef up security measures as mentioned above. Well trained personnel monitoring the cameras can spot potential threats or suspicious activities or movements. The presence of such system will deter unlawful incidents from taking place. It can also be utilized to monitor employees during their working hours.


Shopping Centre Video Surveillance Cameras


Why PowerCCTVs Security Cameras

PowerCCTV Shopping Mall Security Camera Systems can use a wide range of products to get the camera images to where you want them.  Our security cameras employ different methods of connectivity via Broadband Network or even mobile broadband and long radio.


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