PowerCCTV SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

SNMP is a tool for monitoring the statuses of all PowerCCTV devices such as IP cameras and NVR servers. With this online tool you can see whether the devices you have installed are working and online. This web application also features email notifications to tell you whether your device is online or offline, logging events and lastly serve as a feature for ip camera and server monitoring. Below is a sample screen where you can monitor which device is online or offline and the time and date it has been on that status.


PowerCCTV SNMP also checks on the devices’ features whether active or not. The functionality it can monitor are the following:

1. Ports it uses on mobile, online and local ports

2. SD Card recording status and inclusion of the SD card within the ip camera

3. Connection to NAS and Cloud Server

4. PTZ controlled IP Camera status

5. Support for remote firmware upgrade


Practical Usage of this tool:

1. Easy notification through email if your device is offline especially for critical areas of surveillance.

2. Can troubleshoot the issue without going to the location where the IP cameras are installed.
3. Can detect which camera is offline and what time it went offline through the event logs.

If you want to know more details of PowerCCTV’s SNMP you can call us at 1-212-997-2000 or e-mail us at contact@powercctvs.com.