Aetherlink Mobile App

  1. Aetherlink app allows you to access live view, play back and control of the installed sensors remotely from your mobile or tablets.
  2. Can easily add a sensor by pressing the small button 3 times with 1.5 seconds interval.
  3. It can control 232 PCS of Z Wave equipment.
  4. You can create your customize rules for monitoring.
  5. Have multiple scenes for scheduling.
  6. Has free cloud storage for 1000 alarm photos.
  7. Get instant push alerts to your mobile.
  8. Support MACRO rule design function.

Screenshots on a mobile device Camera List, Live View and Sensor list

Aetherlink Mobile App Image1

Screenshots on a mobile device Scene mode, Push Notification and Alarm images.

Aetherlink Mobile App Image2

You can go to our Software Download Center to download the Mobile application for both Android and IOS.